Online Brand Protection

With over 5 million+ successful enforcement actions and counting, VantageBP’s mission is to help
companies automate online brand protection across eCommerce platforms in an automated, efficient,
and transparent way.

We monitor and enforce unauthorized resellers across over 160+ global eCommerce marketplaces
covering both gray and black market infringements for brands of all sizes.

Marketplace Monitoring

VantageBP maintains a catalog of your products, relevant keywords, and intellectual property to detect product listings of your brand across online marketplaces. Our scans identify 3rd party resellers, flag unauthorized listings, and track product price points.

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Reseller Enforcement

Verification requests are sent to resellers requesting proof of authenticity and condition of the products being sold. If an infringement is detected, VantageBP automates the filing of case-appropriate takedowns to remove the infringing product listings.

Over 160+ Global Marketplaces

Maintain global coverage across an integrated network of e-commerce marketplaces, social media platforms and search engines. Not on our list? We can integrate coverage on most new marketplaces in about 2 weeks.

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