Ooly wanted to put a strategy in place immediately to address the low ASP’s that these resellers were causing. VantageBP, together with Ooly, crafted a brand protection strategy to remove unathorized resellers and increase channel sales by creating a stepped priority of ASIN’s to tackle first. By focusing on priority ASIN’s with the greatest ASP concerns, Ooly could easily track their ROI through both increased buy box wins as well as sales increases. See Full Case Study

Channel Key connected BiOptimizers with VantageBP, an all-in-one solution for detecting and removing unauthorized resellers from various online marketplaces. Together, Channel Key and VantageBP developed a multi-faceted strategy designed to combat resellers, which would then enable a greater ROI on its Amazon marketing and advertising campaigns. See Full Case Study

Using VantageBP’s Marketplace Protection Technology, a multinational computer accessories company with over 13,000 infringing product listings and 513 unauthorized resellers saw a closure of those initial discovered infringements by 62% in the first 90 days, along with the successful closure of 97% of all listings taken action upon during that time period. See Full Case Study

In a study of 3 different brands, who have all taken advantage of cross-referencing the Identified Sellers from the Brand Protection Service with their MAP Service, we’ve seen an average price violation decrease of 63.58% over a tracked 12-month period. With the average violation decrease range falling between 50% and 73% for brands running both services and including Marketplaces in their MAP Monitoring. See Full Case Study